From the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor

Meet Barb and Bernie

Barb and Bernie Banet have been members of Ann Arbor’s Secular Humanist congregation, the Jewish Cultural Society, since 1978. They’ve served on or advised multiple communal boards of directors, including at the JCC and Federation. They’ve given their time to greater Ann Arbor’s Jewish community for years. And now, they’re providing for its future.

Barb and Bernie made a commitment to include JCS, the JCC, and Federation in their after-lifetime giving through LIFE & LEGACY, a national program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, brought to town by Federation. Eleven local organizations, including JCS and the JCC, have signed on to this program; that’s the majority of Jewish organizations in town planning for the next generation.

As an added bonus, Barb and Bernie’s legacy commitments trigger incentive funding to their designated organizations from Federation, supplemented by the Grinspoon Foundation. 

Barb and Bernie have prioritized the success of our local Jewish community during their lives. Their LIFE & LEGACY gifts are a way to ensure the community will thrive for years to come.

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